Icelandic Bindoff

Alexis Winslow explains how to knit and cut a steek on hand knitted garments. The pattern mentioned in the video is the Okeeffe Shawl, available for sale here:

Setup: Start by working 1 stitch.
1. Slip the stitch just worked back to the left needle purl-wise.
2. Re-insert the right needle into that slipped stitch purl-wise, and grab the front leg of the next stitch knit-wise, and knit it.
3. Drop both stitches off the needle.

Then, repeat the process-- slip the stitch back to the left needle purl-wise.
Re-insert the right needle into the slipped stitch purl-wise, and then knit the second stitch, and drop both stitches from the needle.

As you continue, you’ll see that you can get into a rhythm if you combine the first and second step.

This method is especially suited for garter stitch fabrics and is wonderfully stretchy, which is why I recommend it for my Okeeffe Shawl knitting pattern.